Girl Scouting at home: Outdoor Art Explorer badge for Girl Scout Juniors

Hi, my name is Juliette! I earned the Outdoor Art Explorer badge. The requirements for this badge can be downloaded from the Girl Scouts of the USA website. To earn this badge, there are five steps.

  1. Exploring outdoor art
  2. Making something
  3. Finding music in nature
  4. Being a nature photographer
  5. Designing with nature

The purpose of the badge is to find the art in nature and create your own. There were three choices under each step and you just have to pick one!

  1. The first project I did was paint a picture of a sunset and an elephant. This represents the first choice under step 1, create art inspired by wildlife. I used a canvas, taped the sides to create a border, and then painted the sunset and elephant. 
  2. For step two, while my paint was still out, I took a wooden spoon and painted a small meadow on it. This activity represents the section option under step 2, making something with wood.
  3. Step Three was to find music in nature. The second option was to make rainy day music, so I played “rain rain go away” on the piano. If you don’t play an instrument, you could sing outdoors or even create your own instrument.
  4. Step Four was to be a nature photographer and play with light for the first option. I found a place outdoors and I took 3 photographs at different times: one at 10 a.m., one at 3 p.m., and one at 8 p.m., this is how they turned out. You can see how the shadows change and the colors change based on the position of the sun throughout the day.
  5. Step Five is designing with nature. For this, I went outside with a piece of paper and took different shapes in nature and used the shadow to create art.

If you are a Girl Scout Junior and want to do this badge, go for it! There are so many options to choose from, so be creative, get outdoors, and have fun!

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.