Girl Scouting at home: Family fun from GSCO Camp Staff

Share the fun of Girl Scout Camp with your family! Girl Scouts of Colorado Camp Staff has developed a series of activities you can do with your family at home. Or, you can even share them with your Girl Scout sisters virtually. This week’s activity is a fun and easy game called “Who’s Most Likely To…” We hope it helps you get to know your loved ones just a little bit better! 

Game Play: 

  • This game needs absolutely no materials! You and your loved ones need to just sit together somewhere comfortably, so you can all talk and see one another. 
  • One at a time someone will ask a “who is most likely to” question. As a group, you then discuss who among you would be most likely to do that thing!  
  • Answers and questions can be silly, random, or meaningful. Feel free to get creative.  
  • You can also nominate yourself for a question if you think you are most likely to do that thing! 

Here are some fun questions to ask: “Who is most likely to….. 

  • Become President of the United States? 
  • Eat an entire cake in one sitting? 
  • Be a ski or snowboard instructor? 
  • Memorize the theme song of their favorite TV show? 
  • Bake the most delicious chocolate chip cookies? 
  • Wear pajamas all day long? 
  • Adopt a puppy? 
  • Attend summer camp? 
  • Become a superhero? 
  • Win an Oscar? 
  • Die their hair a fun color? 
  • Win a reality TV show? 
  • Finish a puzzle the fastest? 
  • Sing a song to their pet? 
  • Meet a celebrity? 
  • Become an astronaut? 
  • Set a world record? 
  • Compete in the Olympics? 
  • Start a band? 
  • Find out they are secretly a wizard?