Girl Scouting at Home: Earn your Cadette Trees badge Part One of Five

Earth Day is April 22! This week (April 20 – 24, 2020), Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Outreach Program team is helping Cadettes earn their Trees badge at home. For Step One, we’re going to design a treehouse.

Start by doing some research into basic architectural drawing and draft the plans for your dream treehouse. Design both the exterior and interior. Is it a multi-story tree house? How do you get into the treehouse- a ladder or stairs? Any special features like a deck or pulley system to bring supplies up? Show your friends and family to see if they’d like living there.

Check out these treehouses for inspiration and to see how people made them:

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.