Girl Scouting at Home: Earn your Brownie Painting badge Part Three of Four

Brownies can earn their Painting badge at home thanks to Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Outreach Program team! We started by getting inspired and learning how to make an art journal. To help you fulfill Step Two (Paint the Real World) and Step Four (Paint Without Brushes), we made an aspen resist painting. For Step Three, we are going to paint a mood.


  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Paper for your mood painting, scrap paper for experimenting, other materials to make marks with (optional)

For Step Three of earning the Brownie Painting badge, we’re going to paint like an abstract artist. What is abstract art? Abstract art refers to paintings, sculptures, and other art media that portray art that is not meant to look like something we can recognize—it is based on something we can feel and not something we can see. Abstract artists create works of art that express feelings, moods, and ideas through artistic elements such as line, shape, and color.


The strokes you make with your brush can be big or small, thin or thick, or long or short. Think of how you can express a mood in line—how can you use your brushstrokes to express what you are feeling?

Experiment with different brushstrokes on a piece of paper. Try making as many different lines as you can think of. You can also experiment with Step Four of this badge and make marks without using a traditional paintbrush. Try using a piece of string or yarn instead of a paintbrush.


How might shapes express emotion? Maybe, happiness could be many small circles, like bubbles? Maybe, anger could be big, spikey blobs? What shape would represent how you are feeling today?

After experimenting with lines, experiment with shapes. What different shapes can you make? You can splatter paint on your paper, or drip paint on your paper and blow it around with a straw.


Artists, authors, and other creatives often use color to describe or portray certain moods. How can you use color in your painting to express a mood? Think about your favorite color and how it makes you feel. What about your least favorite color—how does it make you feel?

Experiment with mixing different colors—warm, cool, and neutral. Make swatches of your colors on a sheet of paper. Which colors are you most drawn to? How do they make you feel?

Look at these paintings by abstract artists:

How do you feel when you look at them? What do you think they were feeling when they created them? How have they used line, shape, and color in their paintings?

For my mood painting, I decided to paint a piece depicting anger and fear since things have been kind of scary. Art is a great way to express yourself if you are feeling difficult feelings. Here is my finished painting, plus some pictures of how my painting progressed over time.

I started with painting my background and when it was dry. I dropped paint onto my paper and blew it into different shapes using a straw. Then I added some different colored lines around my blobs of paint.

We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home. She can send in her story here.