Smart Cookie: February 10, 2020

Get ready for big booth push!

This Friday is Valentine’s Day! Girl Scouts will be selling in front of grocery stores, big box retailers, and other retail locations across the state. Valentine’s Day is usually a great day for sales, so get your girls excited to practice their entrepreneurial skills and reach their goals!

This is also our most visible time of the year, and a great chance for girls to share what they’ve done in Girl Scouts and their goals! Did they get to try something new and challenge themselves? Did they do a service project or a Take Action project to make their community better? How is your troop hoping to use their cookie proceeds? Got big goals – share them! Share this two-sided sheet with girls and families for tips on how to answer, “Why Girl Scouts?” like a pro! Troop volunteers can also take a look at this Booth Essentials sheet to prepare for scenarios that sometimes come up while selling cookies.

Make sure you head to your booths with everything you’ll need.

  • Print out and bring a copy of your booth sign-up confirmation
  • Plenty of cookies
  • Booth inventory sheet to track purchases or a device with a booth sale recorder app
  • Table and chairs
  • Tablecloth
  • $60 in change
  • Pen to detect counterfeit bills
  • Any booth posters or decorations to bling your booth

Booths are an awesome opportunity for girls to learn and practice the 5 Skills. It’s a safe environment where girls can try a new pitch, bundle cookies, and really push their Hometown Hero and Gift of Caring donation options. Guide girls in their strategies, but always remember that girls make all sales! Don’t forget to review booth etiquette with your girls, too.

Bundle up for big sales

Cookie bundles are a great way to increase sales. Make an ever-popular “chocolate lovers” bundle as a perfect Valentine’s Day gift by using some pretty ribbon to tie a package of Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and Samoas together for $12- or add a package of S’mores to make it $17. In honor of President’s Day weekend, offer customers a patriotic bundle by packaging the red Tagalongs package together with the blue Trefoils, and top them with a white bow.
Purchase a package of Lemon-Ups and let your customers have a taste of this delicious new cookie!

Make sure your customers know they can also make a Gift of Caring donation to send cookies to our military serving overseas. Challenge those who care a lot to send a whole case!

Check your inventory

Check in with your girls and families to see how they are doing on inventory. Cookie Cupboards are open around the state if you need to restock. Please check your local cupboard hours in eBudde and try to give one week’s notice for orders to be filled. You must put orders in at least 72 hours prior to picking up from the cupboard.  If you need cookies before 72 hours, please work with families in your troop or other troops in your area who may have excess inventory. Check the Cookie Exchange tab in eBudde. You can see inventory listed that’s available, or list your own excess inventory to exchange.
Be mindful that many cupboards are managed by volunteers and will have varying hours. It is important to note that anyone who picks up cookies from a cupboard will need an eBudde password.

Win big during the Cookie Program

Read more about the contests on the GSCO blog. Contests are for GSCO members only.

  • Make a cookie video to promote your sale on your Digital Cookie site and you could win $200 in Cookie Credits! Entries must be received by Thursday, February 13.
  • Bling your booth to attract more customers and you could take home $200 in Cookie Credits. Submit your entry by February 18.
  • Know an amazing cookie dad? Share his story to help get him the recognition he deserves!

Upcoming Dates

February 10 

Council booth selection opens for unlimited selection

February 13

Deadline to enter the Best Cookie Video contest

February 14

Valentine’s Day – Additional council booths begin

February 28 – March 1

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend