Our gung-ho cookie dad

Submitted by Charlene B.

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

Our supportive Cookie Dad is Galen B. When we decided to sign up not only as a Girl Scout Daisy, but a troop leader as well, he was very supportive. He was excited for us and our journey. I told him how many cookies we were getting to start, 150 packages and he was surprised, but he was like, “You can sell those, easy!”

Even when we picked up 150 more (when we still had the 150), he was still supportive and in awe of our drive and determination.
I asked my husband if he could use my daughter’s playmarket base to make her a fun cookie booth. I explained what I wanted it to look like and off he went to Lowe’s. He was able to purchase the supplies for about $40 and came home to build it. Within a few hours, he was done. I purchased some Girl Scout Cookie fabric and got some green ribbon and felt from a friend. A day later we had a cute and very fun cookie booth! We have gotten so many compliments about our cookie booth. We owe it all to our super “gung-ho” cookie dad who supports all we do!

Sophia is a determined young lady. She loves to try new things and is always up for a challenge. Not only is she starting ballet (her second year), she is very excited about being a Daisy! She is excited for all the activities and journeys for this year. She is especially excited for our trip to Great Wolf Lodge (with all her hard earned cookie money!)

We are so blessed to have the Girl Scout opportunity, we are excited to see where Girl Scouts will take our daughter, and what doors it will open!

Dads are an important part of the Girl Scouts of Colorado Cookie Team. That’s why we honor dads who help Girl Scouts all across Colorado meet their goals. Tell us about what makes your dad an awesome Cookie Dad and he could win a cool prize.