My dad is the best cookie dad

Submitted by Jessica F.

Pikes Peak


As relayed to me by my daughter Evie:  My dad is awesome! He stood out in below 25-degree weather and sold cookies with me (we sold almost 70 packages!) He encouraged me to tough it out and bought me a hot cocoa to keep warm. He helped me earn my cookie pin between customers by telling me about a financial goal he set as a kid (he collected cans to earn money to buy a Nintendo). He also helped me earn my Uniform to Uniform patch (he’s a correctional officer!) He is always my first customer (he likes the Samoas… they’re my favorite, too). And, he watches my baby brother while my mom (who is also one of my leaders) does Girl Scout stuff with me or does troop booths. He sometimes spends all day driving me to Girl Scout Camp and events too. For this year, I wanted a minion theme “There’s a minion reasons to buy Girl Scout cookies!” so we both wore minion stuff to sell!

Dads are an important part of the Girl Scouts of Colorado Cookie Team. That’s why we honor dads who help Girl Scouts all across Colorado meet their goals. Tell us about what makes your dad an awesome Cookie Dad and he could win a cool prize.