Sweet Cow Ice Cream wants to buy cookies from YOU starting February 2, 2020

Sweet Cow Ice Cream, which has multiple locations in Denver and Boulder Counties, will support Colorado Girl Scouts during the 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program! As in years past, Sweet Cow will purchase Girl Scout Cookies from local girls/troops to make two special flavors to be offered during February/March.

“Mint Girl Scout Cookie” is a Dutch Chocolate and Natural Peppermint ice cream with lots and lots of Thin Mints blended throughout. It will be available at Sweet Cow shops in Louisville, North Boulder, and South Boulder starting February 2 until it runs out, at which point “Samoa Samoa” will take its place!

“Samoa Samoa” is a light caramel ice cream with toasted coconut, lots of Samoas, and a homemade hot fudge and caramel swirl. It will be available at Sweet Cow in the Highlands, Platt Park, and Stanley Marketplace shops starting February 2 until it runs out, at which point “Mint Girl Scout Cookie” will take its place!

Last but certainly not least, Sweet Cow will have their “Vegan Mint Girl Scout Cookie” available on February 2. Just like the Mint Girl Scout Cookie, but without the dairy. A delicious option for anyone dairy free!

You can find out which flavor Sweet Cow is scooping up at your local shop by checking their website, or by using their free Sweet Cow App!

Sweet Cow will purchase the cookies needed to make these special flavors from Colorado Girl Scouts starting February 2, 2020. The number of packages purchased from each Girl Scout/troop will depend on the needs of each shop and the popularity of these special edition ice creams. To sell cookies to Sweet Cow, simply visit one of the shops where these special flavors will be sold and give your best Girl Scout Cookies sales pitch.

NEW FOR 2020! Sweet Cow Ice Cream is hosting a contest on Instagram! Two Girl Scouts each week (through March 8) can win a $5 gift card to Sweet Cow Ice Cream! In order to participate, you must take a picture of yourself (or have a caregiver take your photo) in a Sweet Cow shop or in front of the door. Post it (or have your caregiver post it) to Instagram and use the hashtags #ilovegscookiesinmyicecream and #GSColo.