Troop 45192 camping in Estes Park

Submitted by Carla Archuleta

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

Troop 45192 plans a camping trip every year with their cookie proceeds. This year, they planned to tent camp in Estes Park for the first time. The girls voted to also go whitewater rafting during our trip. However, the weather was not our friend and we were stuck in pouring rain, some sleet, and a little snow our first night. The tents leaked and some girls woke up in puddles. But, we still headed out to whitewater rafting. For many of the girls and some leaders, it was the first time! Even though some girls were a little scared, we all hopped in the raft and had an awesome time! We went out for pizza for dinner and the girls voted to use some cookie money for a room that night, as snow was in the forecast. So, we squeezed into a room, stayed warm and dry, and headed to the pool in the morning. The girls did an awesome job of staying positive despite all of our difficulties.

That first night we met the ranger and earned our “Space Investigator” badge. We also received a “Junior Ranger Night Sky” patch. We also had a surprise guest, a bat flew into the building and brought a little excitement to our night. What an adventure and the troop wants to go tent camping again very soon!

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