Volunteer Spotlight: Nicole Lockwood


Girl Scouts of Colorado is celebrating extraordinary volunteers throughout the state in honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month. Nicole Lockwood of Fort Collins in the Northern & Northeastern CO region is a shining example of the wonderful role Girl Scout volunteers play in the lives of girls and our community.

GSCO asked Nicole to answer a few quick questions about her volunteer experience. We hope you find her as inspiring as we did.

Why did you become a Girl Scout volunteer?

I became a Girl Scout volunteer, after I earned my Gold Award and wanted to continue sharing my Girl Scout story. Plus, I wanted to inspire girls to reach for their dreams and pursue their goals. I had a strong support system as a girl with a few key leaders and my mom. I wanted to share that same support with other girls, who may not have that same support. 

Tell us about your different volunteer roles as a Girl Scout.

Like most volunteers I wear several hats within Girl Scouts, which has lead to taking on various different roles. Those include being a troop leader, service unit product program manager, Gold Award mentor, member of the Membership Connection Committee, and Colorado delegate for the 2017 National Convention. I also participate with the Girl Scout Choir. Each of these different roles has allowed me different opportunities and chances to work with several other volunteers and girls across the state. Of all the roles I have held, one of my favorite was being with the Girl Scout Choir and being able to attend the 95th and 100th Anniversary Singalong in Washington, D.C. Another favorite role of mine was being able to be a delegate at the 2017 convention. It was a first time experience for myself and I got to be part of some of the national decision making with GSUSA, along with being able to meet and interact with other volunteers and girls across the country and even worldwide, while also being able to meet some very important people from GSUSA. Most of my different volunteer roles I have held for almost six years. 

What have you learned as a Girl Scout volunteer?

There are lots of things I have learned while being a Girl Scout volunteer. I have learned that any girl you work with, for no matter the length of time, will always look up to you as a role model. I’ve also learned that while being a volunteer, we still need to embody what the Girl Scout Law means as sometimes we are also the face of Girl Scouts. Most importantly, I have learned that sometimes the girls aren’t the only ones who get to have fun and try new adventures. 

What do you hope girls have learned from you?

I hope that the girls I have been able to volunteer with have learned that you can do just about anything you set your mind to. Nothing is ever unattainable, unless you don’t try. Along with that, I hope the girls have learned that its always important to try something new, because you never know what new adventures or doors it may open up for you. 

How has your experience as a volunteer helped you become a G.I.R.L. (go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, leader)?

My experience as a volunteer has helped become a G.I.R.L. in several different ways. I have become a go-getter by always willing to step up for a new challenge or task whether it be taking on a new role in one of my Girl Scout troops or just by being an extra helping hand whenever and wherever it may be needed. I’m innovator by always thinking outside of the box and trying to come up with new and creative ways to solve any problem or task that comes my way. Sometimes doing things a little different will lead to a unexpected outcome. Becoming a risk-taker has showed me that I should never be afraid to step out of my comfort zone or to try new activities. Becoming a leader with a troop for so many years has allowed me to watch my own leadership skills grow and blossom so much that, I was able to to take on some of the other roles that I currently have. Becoming a G.I.R.L. has showed me that there is so much more to being a Girl Scout volunteer and it has shown me some of the experiences and opportunities that I may have missed when I was a Girl Scout myself. 

Want to nominate a volunteer for Girl Scouts of Colorado to spotlight? Please email Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper at annemarie.harper@gscolorado.org.