Therapeutic cookies

Submitted by Brandi Borunda

Metro Denver


Ariyanna is a first year Girl Scout and was recently diagnosed with High Spectrum Autism. She has a hard time socializing and being outgoing. So, we placed her in Girl Scouts hoping to help her through this tough time. Cookie sales came….and she THRIVED! Selling 596 packages to friends, family, and others. This event really helped her with her anxiety and struggles of talking to people (safely with us parents) about her own personal cookie goal. It helped peak her interest in money and its importance, reading and so much more. Girl Scouts has helped her come out of herself so much more and we couldn’t be more grateful! Her personality is flourishing and it helps us too as a family!

This is truly what Girl Scouts has done for her. She is coming out of her shell and is constantly thinking, looking for ways now to better the world and the people in it. Ariyanna took a huge risk in trying a group event because she is normally very much within her own thoughts a world. This program has helped open the eyes of her own troop both parents and kids to autism and has helped truly open her up to a whole new world!

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