Smart Cookie: March 4, 2019

We’re in the final stretch of the Girl Scout Cookie Program and our young entrepreneurs are wrapping up their businesses for the season. It’s been an amazing program and we can’t thank you enough for the hard work, long hours, and endless enthusiasm you – our volunteers – provide to keep things running smoothly.

Check in with your girls to make sure no one has inventory they don’t think they can sell. If you need additional inventory to fill orders or for final booths, please check with troops in your service unit first for troop-to-troop transfers.

Hometown Hero booths

At this point in the program, many customers have already purchased cookies, but generous Coloradans are happy to support your Hometown Hero if you ask. Set up your remaining booth as a Hometown Hero booth, make a poster with images and facts about your hero organization, and when folks walk by your booth ask, “Would you like to purchase a package of Girl Scout Cookies for our Hometown Hero?” Tell them how many packages you’re hoping to collect and explain more about your hero and what they do.

You can also add, “We’ve got plenty of your favorite varieties if you want to stock your freezer until next year’s sale, too!”

“Uniform to Uniform” patch 

The first 200 Girl Scouts have claimed their “Uniform to Uniform” patch. However, it can still be earned and purchased in the GSCO Shop. Patches are $1.50/ each.

“Go for Bold” with Girl Scout S’mores

Everything is more fun with S’mores! The Girl Scout S’mores cookie is still a popular choice for customers this year. Hearing that customers want more S’mores, we have a fun promotion to support additional sales. You must complete the S’mores Form by 5 p.m. on March 12 to be entered into the drawing.

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Celebrate Girl Scout Week

To celebrate Girl Scout Week 2019, Girl Scouts of Colorado is hosting a photo challenge! Just submit your favorite Girl Scout photo and the story behind it using the Share Your Stories form. Winners will be featured in future GSCO marketing materials, on GSCO’s social media networks, and on the GSCO Blog.

Cookie program wrap-up

  • Allocate cookies: Make sure all the cookies in your troop’s inventory are allocated to girls in your troop. There should be no cookies in the troop cupboard that are not allocated to girls in the troop. Once everything is allocated, remind your girls to select their rewards. Reward orders are due in eBudde by 8 p.m. March 12. Don’t forget, girls have the option of holding Cookie Credits at council to be applied to summer camp fees.
  • Money problem reporting: Money Problem Reports are due by 5 p.m. on March 15. To file, you’ll need the total amount of uncollected debt, the basic contact information for the person responsible for the debt, and a description of the situation and supporting documentation.
  • If your girls sold 50 or more Gift of Caring packages, don’t forget to submit the form by March 12 to receive your free patches.

Upcoming Dates

March 10 

Cookie program ends

March 12

Troops will be locked out of eBudde at 11:59 p.m. Make sure all cookies are allocated, and all girl rewards are selected.

March 13 

Last day to pick up HTH cookies from a cupboard

March 15 

Deadline to submit money problem reports.

March 20

ACH debit occurs for total amount owed to council.

April 15

Cookie Credits begin being mailed directly to girls.

April 22

Cookie rewards begin to ship to service unit cookie managers.

April 30

Last day to sell excess inventory.