GSCO Photo Challenge: Building our future

Submitted by Katie Gribble

Pikes Peak


Our troop is a small group of 12 girls, who only want to work to help others. Last year, our girls recognized that Colorado was in a huge drought. They wanted to do something to help, but knew they had to start small. They decided to work with the elementary school in our community to help them with their summer garden.

For their Take Action Project, they built a water irrigation system that was used in ancient China called Olla. This system is one of the most efficient systems you can use, and actually is pretty easy to build. The girls started with clay pots and glued them together. Once they were dry, the girls buried them into the ground in strategic locations, leaving the tops out. Then, they filled a pot with water and it naturally released the water into the ground without under/over watering.

Once their Take Action Project was complete, they decided to continue working with the school on their Bronze Award. The girls then built a water collection barrel. It collects water from rain and snow holding it for later use. The girls had to learn to use engineering and power pools. I watched as these girls learn skills they could take on and LOVE what they were doing.

Not only were they able to help our community, but they learned what hard work gained. I am over the moon and proud of my girls! One of the photos above is of some of the girls while we were building our water barrel. It shows them working hard and LOVING IT!!! I have so many favorites, but this is one that shows them doing good for our community and having fun. The girls’ personality wrapped into one photo.

I was not involved in Girl Scouts until my daughter asked to join. I had the opportunity to join as a leader a year later. These young ladies have been SUCH an inspiration to me. I am so proud to be part of this organization, giving opportunities to young girls that they normally would never get. AMAZING group of women and girls!

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