Guest blogger: John Silver of Metro Denver

John Silver of Metro Denver is proud to be an adult volunteer for Girl Scouts of Colorado. As the brother and son of Girl Scouts, John is now an adult seeing Girl Scouts through new eyes. John will be reporting on things he learns– that you might not know either! He will also be researching badge earning and other opportunities for Girl Scouts today.


My name is John Silver.  My three older sisters were Girl Scouts, and for many years my mother was a troop leader in Brighton. I recently retired, and I’ve become a part-time volunteer for Girl Scouts of Colorado.

I’ve just started to learn about this great organization, and I can’t wait to learn more!  Here are three things that have surprised me:

  • Men can become troop leaders and Cookie Dads. I’ve heard that many of them proudly wear t-shirts that say: “Man Enough to be a Girl Scout!”
  • Girl Scouts of Colorado has many procedures in place to protect the safety of the girls. For example, before Girl Scouts of Colorado partners with another organization or even posts information on the Activities Calendar, the organization is checked out to be sure it fits the Girl Scout Mission and will provide a safe place for the girls.
  • The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a huge deal.

When I was young and my mother was the service unit cookie manager for troops in Brighton, it seemed to me that cases of cookies magically appeared at our house.  Who knew how many people worked so hard to make that happen!

I know now that there is so much more to it and it starts months before anyone sees a single cookie. The logistics of receiving and moving more than 4 MILLION packages of cookies around the state and ultimately getting them in the hands of individual Girl Scouts is amazing, not to mention the paperwork, the ordering, the training, and so many other behind the scenes activities!

I’m proud to be a volunteer for Girl Scouts of Colorado.