2019 Best Cookie Dad contest: How my dad became a Girl Scout

Submitted by Dysennya V.

Metro Denver


It started in the year of 2018 and he froze his butt off to help me with cookies. Last year, when my goal was 1,500, I got to 1,674 and that would not have happened if it was not for my dad. He has always said he would help me to the best of his ability. Even now in 2019 with his new job, he is still taking and using his weekends and days off to come help me sell!

My goal this year is 2,000 and his exact words were, “I’m gonna help you reach your goal as long as you try.”

He is limited to the days he has off work to the hours he takes out of his time. He is always helping me and trying to make me/help me get to my goal. I love you dad.

Dads are an important part of the Girl Scouts of Colorado Cookie Team. That’s why we honor dads who help Girl Scouts all across Colorado meet their goals. Tell us about what makes your dad an awesome Cookie Dad and he could win a cool prize.