“Look Wider” International Travel Scholarship: Costa Rica and Panama Service Challenge

Submitted by Lucy,  2018 recipient of the “Look Wider” International Travel Scholarship

Mountain Communities

Steamboat Springs

The summer of 2018 I had the opportunity to go on a life-changing trip to Costa Rica and Panama for a service challenge. I was able to go on this trip thanks to the “Look Wider” International Travel Scholarship. As a 13-year-old Girl Scout, this trip was a big deal to me and has changed my life and understanding of the world in many ways.

I am from Steamboat Springs, which is a small town with not a lot of diversity. This trip was a big deal for me because I got to experience so many different cultures from all around the world. Not just from the people who lived there, but the people who went to the same course I did. That was many of the great things I learned during my trip to Costa Rica and Panama.

One of the other great things I learned on my trip was about food. We got to try different dishes that I have never eaten. It was another way we got to experience their culture. In addition to eating local foods, we got to learn how to cook them. We got to help in the kitchen and learn new ways to cook things. For example, over a fire or with different ingredients than we would normally use.  It was very educational.

One of the most memorable things I remember learning is about all of the biodiversity in Costa Rica and Panama. They had many different types of wildlife from little frogs and lizards to manatees and leatherback sea turtles. As a part of trying to save the sea turtles, we got to learn about them, their life cycle, and many other facts about them. We also got to learn a lot about manatees which was also very educational.

On Outward Bound Costa Rica and Panama Service Challenge, I learned and experienced many things that many people can’t in their lifetime. This trip was very life-changing and I know I will remember it for the rest of my life. Thank you “Look Wider” for for the scholarship, which helped me go on this life-changing trip.


“Look Wider” International Travel Scholarships are made possible by the Rae Ann and Richard Dougherty Look Wider International Travel Fund Endowment at Rose Community Foundation. Thanks to this generous commitment, Girl Scouts of Colorado will award scholarships to girls every year.

Learn more about Girl Scout destinations and other international travel at forgirls.girlscouts.org/travel. Applications for destinations travel are due before Thanksgiving each fall. The application for the “Look Wider” International Travel Scholarship is available from November through February and is meant for individual girl travel. Read more about Global Girl Scouting and how to get involved at girlscoutsofcolorado.org/global-girl-scouting.

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