Travel troop wins third place in Nationwide Quest

Submitted by Elba Barr

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

“Savannah is known for so many things and one of them is being healthy. You can get 10k steps by seeing our historical sites! How many steps would you walk if you saw ALL this sites?? Head over to the Civic Center and take a picture upload with all of your team with your worn out sneakers for max 449 points.” – That is a great made up example of some of the “Quest” 23 Girl Scouts from Colorado handled and accomplished during our trip to Savannah. Oh and in case your wondering, 147,000 steps is the answer or 73.5 miles.

More than 28 states and two countries landed in Savannah for the second annual QuestFest and it was amazing! Our Girl Scouts interacted with so many troops, did swaps, played games, shared songs, but most importantly, supported each other. We toured the Birth Place and First Headquarters. We earned five of the council owns badges/pins and enjoyed the hospitality that Savannah offers. When we had a major glitch with our transportation, these girls embraced the local bus system like pros. When Google Maps decided Savannah was to hot to participate, girls whipped out their maps and navigated without using the mountains as a reference point!

We had adults who had never been Girl Scouts dive right in to traditions and ceremonies and help conduct one of the most stunning bridging ceremonies on a campus garden that was 125-years-old. I know for sure the Ambassador bridge to Adult will never forget that moment. The leaders efforts to make it G.I.R.L led made it one of the most successful travels I’ve been on.

It was amazing that our team placed THIRD out of the competition, but they gained so much more from Savannah. The opted to do a Take Action Project and with the proceeds they won from the competition, donate to the Oatlands Wildlife Sanctuary that was severely damaged from the hurricanes, and help fed the homeless population, who were insanely friendly to our girls and surprised the girls shared their food with them.

We had four troops represented in our travel troop from around our state. I can honestly say we didn’t know what to expect from Savannah, but Savannah didn’t expect so much from Colorado!! Our girls were praised for their generosity, energy, and teamwork. Four troops sold upwards of 27,000 packages of cookies to cover the entire cost in one year and at the airport when we got home I asked them where we were going next and with a fabulous Colorado cheer, I got “EUROPE!

I can’t wait for our next adventure with these amazing young ladies.

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