Berthoud Service Unit in the Berthoud Day Parade

Submitted by Jen Rotar

Northern & Northeastern CO


Berthoud Service Unit was well-represented in the annual Berthoud Day Parade.  26 girls from Daisies to Cadettes brought paddles, fishing poles, kayaks, bows, rackets, and other gear representing their favorite outdoor activities. It was great to hear the crowd shouting “Yay Girl Scouts” as we made our way along the parade route.

Berthoud Day brings approximately 10,000 people to our small town each year and the sidewalks were jam-packed.

Berthoud Service Unit brings together multiple troops for community activities, with the older girls teaching songs and watching out for the younger girls safety on the float. We love this kind of teamwork, and everyone had fun.

Special thanks to the Moss family, and their two Girl Scouts Ronnie and Piper, for providing their truck and trailer for the float.

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