Property reservations change: Full site rentals

At Girl Scouts of Colorado, we are always working to make property reservations better, easier, and safer for girls. Because of this, we are making some changes to the way our properties will be booked by troops going forward.

Instead of reserving cabins, tabins, or other units individually, troops will now reserve the full site, and will have access to all cabins/tabins at that site, as well as any amenities such as activity shelters, latrines, bear boxes, etc. This allows for troops to ensure that they are following the proper Safety Ratio adults for the girls in their troop, that they have a full roster of all children and adults who will be on site during their reservation, and that they are following the rules concerning background checks and insurance.

If you have a current reservation at any property, your reservation will not be adjusted, and the new changes will not apply to you. This will only apply to new reservations starting  May 24, 2018. This change does not affect lodges or all season cabins, and only refers to sites that have multiple units.

We recognize this may be a big change for some troops who do not need all tabins or cabins at a site, or who are used to only reserving one or two tabins or cabins.

If you do not need all tabins or cabins at a site and would like to split the cost of reserving a full site, we encourage you to work with other troops in your service unit and arrange to have your trips go on the trip together. Doing so will allow you to coordinate schedules, plan for meals and activities, and have an emergency and first-aid plan that will work for both troops.

If you are not able to find another troop who you would like to stay on property with you, there are sites at every property that may have a lower cost that we encourage you to look at. These sites include Troop House at Sky High Ranch ($40 a night, sleeps 24 people), Windridge at Meadow Mountain Ranch ($30 a night, sleeps 15 people), Meadow at Lazy Acres ($30 a night, sleeps 18 people), and more.

If you have any questions or concerns about reserving full sites at our properties, please email our Property and Outdoor Program Administrator at

2 thoughts on “Property reservations change: Full site rentals”

  1. Whereas I agree that girl safety is our number one priority, this change will negatively impact our troop’s ability to afford to camp at GS properties. It is ridiculous for GSCO to assume that troops with 10-15 girls will be able to afford $70+/night (tabin clusters at MMR, for instance). The clusters at MMR sleep 48+ girls! What troop has that many girls? I appreciate the suggestion that we work with other troops in our service area to help defray the costs. It’s hard enough to select a time that works for the families in our troop, much less coordinating with other troops in our service unit. This was not a well thought-out policy. You’ve basically made it all the more difficult for us to get girls OUTDOORS, which I believe is a goal we all share. We would prefer to stay at GS properties, but perhaps we will need to find alternate locations for our camping experiences due to these increased costs.

    1. We appreciate your comments. At Girl Scouts of Colorado, we have the same goal of getting girls outdoors. While some of our sites are larger and have a higher price point, at all of our properties we do have smaller sites that are available for troops to reserve that have a lower cost, so as to ensure that reserving properties are not a barrier. At Meadow Mountain Ranch, the Windridge Birdhouse Tabin site costs $30 a night to reserve and sleeps a total of 15 people, perfect for small troops, with the same amenities of the larger sites. If you have any additional questions regarding reserving properties, or have any additional concerns, please let us know.

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