Volunteer Appreciation Month: A tree for every volunteer

Girl Scouts prepares girls for a lifetime of leadership. You – our amazing volunteers – play a big part in their success.

Our appreciation gift to volunteers this year is to have thousands of trees planted in areas around the state of Colorado that have been devastated by wildfires and floods. We made a donation to the Restoring Colorado’s Forests Fund, through the Colorado State Forest Service, to purchase a tree in honor of each of our volunteers.

Your time, energy, and dedication to making Girl Scouts a great experience for girls has a lasting and positive impact. In recognition of all the amazing things that you do, we chose the gift of trees that will also have a lasting and positive impact by helping to restore forested areas in our beautiful state.

Thank you for being a Girl Scout volunteer!

Stephanie A. Foote, President and CEO

Girl Scouts of Colorado

Thank You Letter to Girl Scouts of CO From Mike Lester


2 thoughts on “Volunteer Appreciation Month: A tree for every volunteer”

  1. Can you please plant mine near Flying G? I was a camper there and worked as a counselor there. Ill even help plant if you need. So many memories around that property. Would love to contribute to its post Hayman self! Thank you GSCO for this!

    1. The Colorado State Forest Service determines the location of the trees based off the reforestation needs.

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