New Additions to Volunteer Toolkit – Check them out!

Girl Scouts of Colorado and GSUSA have added helpful and informative resources to the Volunteer Toolkit.

Under the “Resources” tab, you will find: all the new Journeys and Badges content by program level; “how to” videos for new leaders; information guides to share with families; Highest Awards guidelines; a Girl Scout global travel guide; how older girls can become Program Aides; outdoor skill-building videos – and so much more – all in your Volunteer Toolkit!

Whether you have a Daisy/Brownie troop, a multi-level troop, or a Cadette troop, you can access all resources under any of the program level tabs in VTK resources. Troop support volunteers and girls’ families, can log into the volunteer toolkit and view them too.
Another great feature that has been added to guide you in using the volunteer toolkit, is the VTK Help Menu. You can click on the help button, browse the list of “how-to” topics or type in your question, and it will walk you through every step! Want to know how to create a customized year plan? You got it! Need to combine and customize meeting plans? Yes, you can do that! The new help feature will will show you how.

You can also access the Volunteer Toolkit tutorial videos through the help menu, or you can access them on our website:
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If you have questions about the Volunteer Toolkit, or need assistance in using it, please contact Shannon Weaver, Adult Experience Manager, at