Seeking older girl troops to host Daisy events

Help us grow more Girl Scout Daisy troops in your area. We’re looking for experienced Girl Scout troops to host local Daisy recruitment events through March 2.

Kindergartners and first-graders look up to older Girl Scouts, and your troop can help these girls get started on their path to leadership.

It’s not too late for new troops to get started; in fact, winter is the perfect time for Daisy troops because these young girls who are new to elementary school are now filling more comfortable in their routine and ready to try new things.

We’ll provide you with resources, ideas and a $25 gift card to the Girl Scouts of Colorado shop as a thank you to any troop that hosts a Daisy recruitment event and submits the leads to their staff Recruitment Specialist.

Any Daisy troops that get started by March 30 as a result of one of these recruitment events will receive a free Daisy-level Starter Pack to get them off to the right start.

Fill out this short form to let us know your troop is in!