Last minute changes = more overnight camp opportunities

MMR Core Camp hiking

Camp directors have been working hard getting their camps ready for camp. Camp leadership staff arrived last week at Tomahawk Ranch and Sky High Ranch and the rest of our seasonal (and amazing!) camp staff arrive around Memorial Day to envelop themselves in all that is camp during staff training and prepare for the arrival of campers.

We have had some last minute changes that created camp opportunities in the following sessions, register now for one of them!

SH16 Ranch Hands – Seniors and Ambassadors added: Homesteading at its finest! Spend days caring for farm animals and tending the garden. You’ll learn how to feed and care for animals, groom them, and help with basic farm upkeep. Plant and harvest fresh herbs and other yummy garden treats. Use projects from the farm and garden to create DIY crafts and activities. Includes a one-hour off-site horseback trail ride. There will be time for general activities too. This camp does not include the zip line.

SH34 Sky High Sampler – Seniors and Ambassadors added: Sample all that Sky High has to offer: learn the art of aiming at archery and take a trip on the zip! You’ll make a fun craft and new friends! Take a nature hike on the way to Upper Pond, where you will paddle your way across in a canoe. Campers must be a minimum of 60 lbs. to ensure they don’t get stuck mid-zip.

SH35 Wizarding World of Beasts – Seniors and Ambassadors added: The Wizarding World at Sky High is complete with fantastic beasts, mystical creatures, and days and nights full of magical enchantments. Get a chance to groom a thestral or hunt for dragon eggs. You’ll even learn to tame a wild hippogriff! Experience a magical camp like no other! Shop in Diagon Ranch Alley, test your courage defending against the Dark Arts, and mingle with other wizards at the Leaky Sky Cauldron. Don’t forget to bring and wear your wizarding or magical apparel! This camp does not include zip line.

SH53 Story Tellers – Seniors and Ambassadors added: Calling all story tellers! Do you have characters and ideas that need to be heard? Practice your artistic skills by painting, drawing, scrapbooking and more to build your stories. We’ll start with one panel comics and finish with binding a fully illustrated book of your creation! Tell stories around the campfire and read stories to younger campers. When you’re not busy creating your stories, recharge your creative batteries with some splashing around at the pond, zooming down the zip line, team-building at the ropes course and other camp activities too. Campers will earn their Comic Artist badge.

TR06 & TR17 Camp Half Blood – New spaces added! Explore the world of Percy Jackson and come be a part of an epic quest! Discover your inner hero – develop survival and archery skills that Artemis herself would be proud of! Learn to navigate by the moon, the stars and the constellations, while delving into ancient Greek Mythology. To heal both the inside and out, you’ll gain first aid skills and learn to make Tomahawk’s version of ambrosia nectar. Campers will also have to opportunity to visit the barn, make crafts, campout, roast marshmallows around a campfire and more! Campers will stay in platform tents with cots and mattresses. Bathroom facilities are outhouses and water troughs.

TR15 Hawaiian Luau – New spaces added! At this water-based travel camp, campers will dive into a Hawaiian adventure with fun in the sun. Girls will relax poolside, go fishing, bask in the sun, and more.  At camp, you’ll participate in water-related sports and activities, host a luau, make leis and tie dye a shirt and matching socks, visit the barn, take a nature hike, make smore’s around and campfire and more! This camp includes off-camp trips to water destinations, such as local pools and lakes. Campers will stay in a seasonal cabin with a detached bathhouse.

TR25 Unsolved Mysteries – New spaces added! Pack your backpack and follow the clues in search of answers to solve the case! Campers will learn skills of deciphering Morse code, investigating the scene of the crime, learn to dust and lift fingerprints, and be a part of finding the missing Tabor jewels. Beyond helping to solve the mysteries of Tomahawk Ranch, there will be plenty of time for general camp activities too, like visiting the barnyard, camping out, hiking, and roasting marshmallows around the campfire. Campers will stay in a seasonal cabin with a detached bathhouse. Campers will earn their Detective badge.

TR37 Iron Chef – New spaces added! Prepare yourself for this EPIC cooking competition! Girls will gain outdoor cooking techniques and then battle other teams for the title of “Team Master Chefs.” The competitions will be filmed and the drama will be shown at the end of the two weeks. Your team will be challenged by secret ingredients, foods from around the world and different courses. So now Tomahawk, with an open heart and an empty stomach, I say to you in the words of Obi Joe: Allez cuisine! Campers will stay in a cabin with equipped bathrooms and showers.

TR39 Pioneers – New Spaces added! Welcome to the 1800’s! Learn to cook over a fire and use different fruits to make jams and pies. Learn to cure your own jerky and make butter. Go off-site fishing, collect eggs from our barn every night, and milk Tomahawk’s goats. Learn animal tracking, archery, and make tools from sticks and stones. Learn to make cheese, soaps and lotions from farm fresh goat milk. Learn survival skills to brave the elements while on the trail. Participate in so many other fun activities around camp such as, roasting marshmallows around a campfire, nature hiking, camping out, barn visits and more! Campers will stay in a cabin with equipped bathrooms. Campers will earn their Woodworking badge.