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Submitted by Amy Bissell


Pueblo and Southeastern CO

Amy Bissell is an experienced member of Girl Scouts of Colorado, a Gold Award Mentor, and Trainer throughout the Pikes Peak, Pueblo, and Southeastern Colorado regions. Below is her advice on the Girl Scout Journey experience.

As a long time Girl Scout volunteer I found an easy way to do a Journey that I want to share with you. I cannot say that these are only my ideas, because I’ve had the conversation with others, but this is great advice!

On the back cover of every Journey is a summary of the theme of the Journey. The book itself explains how to reach that theme. The girls can use the chapters in the book to decide how they want to experience that theme. They pick the things they want to do, decide on a Take Action project that reflects that theme, and you are done!

Journeys were never meant to be tackled at every meeting for nine months. Break it up with discussions, evaluations of their work, crafts, or field trips. Your girls will have made their Journey their own and will have developed the leadership skills to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Tune: Brownie Smile Song
Title: Let’s Take A Journey

I am holding something special
that I want to share with you!
It’s not a great big secret;
Even you can hold it, too!

It’s made for girls all ages,’
As on a Journey they will go;’
There are SO many pages,
Oh, MY! It’s really not, you know.

Now look at the back side,
And what is there to see?
It tells the theme; It is MY guide!
I’m on MY Journey! Lucky ME

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  1. I hope that you enjoy the little song. You have to improvise a bit to get all the words in. Better still…..write a song, too!

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