Sell 50 packages of cookies & get a free patch

Super Bowl Patch

The Denver Broncos are Super Bowl bound and we couldn’t be more excited! To celebrate Super Bowl 50, we have a free, fun patch for any Girl Scout who sells 50 (or more) packages of Girl Scout Cookies Super Bowl weekend! You can let us know you sold 50 packages by filling out this online form. Be sure to include your goals, Hometown Hero, and troop number, along with a fun pic of you and your troop! The deadline to complete the form is Tuesday, February 9, 2016.

Don’t forget about our Super Bowl spirit challenge with Girl Scouts, Hornets’ Nest Council (home of the Carolina Panthers)! Help us show them we have WAY more Super Bowl spirit by sharing photos and videos which showcase your Broncos and Girl Scout pride. You can post them directly to the Girl Scouts of Colorado Facebook page or tag us on Instagram or Twitter (@GSColo). Here are some fun ideas:

  • Snap of photo of you or your troop wearing your Broncos gear and Girl Scout vest/sash.
  • Make a video of you or your troop cheering on the Broncos. Be sure to wear your Broncos gear and Girl Scout vest/sash.
  • Create an “Orange & Blue: Broncos Cookie Bundle”—Do-si-dos and Trefoils—tied together with blue and orange ribbon. Take photos of the cookies around your community or at special Colorado locations. You can also pair your cookies with your favorite Broncos gear, like flags, sweatshirts, pennants, etc.
  • Spell out “Go Broncos” using boxes of Girl Scout Cookies—extra points if you use Do-si-dos and Trefoils!


We also want to know: What are you doing to do to increase your sales Super Bowl weekend? Do you have a fun or creative MySite planned? Are you going door-to-door, hoping to catch customers at home while they are watching the big game? Share Your Stories on the Girl Scouts of Colorado blog. The best stories will be shared on the Girl Scouts of Colorado blog and social media networks.


If you have questions, please email Girl Scouts of Colorado Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper.


13 thoughts on “Sell 50 packages of cookies & get a free patch”

  1. I am a brownie leader and I was wondering if I can order for each girl in my troop that does this or if they need to individually fill out the form.

    1. A troop leader can fill it out for the whole troop or a parent can do it. Just talk with your parents first to see what works best.

  2. Do digital cookies count or just physical cookies sold?
    Can any girl scout fill out and turn in the online form or does it have to be completed by the troop leader?

    1. It can be either or a combination of the two.

      A troop leader can fill it out for the whole troop or a parent can do it. Just talk with your troop leader first to see what works best.

  3. Is this for only CO scouts or can other scouts participate too? My 2 troops 02563, 02571 are in Central Indiana and we all LOVE Peyton Manning. We followed him from the Colts to the Broncos. we would Love to be able to get this patch also… Thank you.. PS I as leader am on my 36th year in scouts.

  4. I have just registered my daughter as she has already met the 50 box goal for the weekend. Just curious if this will be mailed to her or to her troop? Thanks

    1. The deadline to submit for the patches was Tuesday, so the order was placed Wednesday morning. If we have any additional/ left over patches, we would be happy to send you what you need. To get on a waiting list for one of those patches, please email Jackie at the GSCO retail shop. Her email address is Be sure to include your mailing address and number of patches needed.

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