My girls and I fixin’ up the courtyard, earning Silver


Submitted by Abigayle Post
Denver Metro

(The harrowing journey of Abigayle Post, Jenna Reichert, Ashley Webster, and Taylor Cillisen).
It was a cold day in November when our story starts. Our four heroes were sat at Pinebrook Church, the lights flickered in the dark hall as the girls discussed the future of Girl Scout Troop 1770.
Then the girls had a discussion they wanted to do the Silver Award. They spent much time thinking of an idea. The idea they picked was to redo the benches in their middle school’s courtyard.

The first thing they did was plan out their idea. They spent months planning out their idea to the very last detail. Next, they sent out an email to their schools principal asking if they could meet.
Once they could meet with their principal they got the okay!
They went to Home Depot and acquired their wood for the benches.
After that they went into the school’s courtyard and took out the old, dirty benches that had been there previously. After transporting them to the leader’s house the Girls began to trace the new benches.
Soon after they began to prime and paint the brand new benches.
It took a long time to paint the benches and have them dry.
Soon after, they went back to the Courtyard and put the benches back in.
A couple of the girls then proceeded to take out the “V” in the middle of the courtyard. This V was right in the middle of the benches and showed our school name: “The Vikings” they took out the “V” and repainted it before putting it back in the Courtyard.
Throughout this journey the girls learned how to use tough things like electric sanders and saws. They also learned how to make decisions and discuss things as a group. It was a long journey but it ended with our four heroes creating a usable space for teachers and students alike to enjoy.

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