Let’s talk about summer camp!


If you have gone to, or worked at summer camp, you understand the magic of what can happen only at camp.  Summer camp helps shape a person’s character and the values they carry with them throughout life. Summer camps offer a unique environment where campers create a sense of family and community with one another, and walk away with life-long friends.  Summer camp is a great opportunity for every girl, who will enjoy a fun time not realizing they are participating in a life-shaping event. Girls walk away with an education and a lifetime of stories.

After working with summer camps for the past 8 years I have observed some amazing moments from campers and staff. Some of my favorites have been:

  • Watching a group of teenagers struggle to start a fire, but succeed
  • Participating in fun camp games
  • Singing songs as loud as we can just for fun
  • Sleeping under the stars for the first time and waking up with fine morning dew covering our sleeping bags

These are just a few of my great moments!  Giving campers the chance to try something new and fun is what summer camp is all about.

We want to know, what is your favorite summer camp moment? Please share this post, and let us know your story!

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It’s not too late for a girl in your life to have a special summer camp experience. There are spots available at overnight camp and day camp sessions. Check it out today.

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